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A key part of our aim in creating this website is to catalogue and give context to photographs, documents and other archival objects that help to represent London's rich boxing heritage. If an item relates to an individual featured in the East End Boxing Lives project, it can also be found in that part of the site. But we continue to collect and upload a much wider range of images as we build an extensive database of London boxing artefacts.

The entire database can be searched from this page. Enjoy exploring our archive, and if you have any images or memorabilia you would like to contribute we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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⊕  Lime Grove Hall ShepardsBush boxing bill
Jackson v Mendoza at Hornchurch 1795. Mendoza lost the contest as well as his title and subsquently retired.
⊕  Mendoza v Jackson

⊕  'The famous battle between Richard Humphreys and Daniel Mendoza'

⊕  'The Battle between Mendoza and Humphreys' by James Aitken

⊕  'Foul Play, or Humphreys and Johnson a match for Mendoza...'
LEBA founder and first chairman Alf Paolozzi in his boxing days.
⊕  Alf Paolozzi

⊕  Dick Corbett jogs with an unknown boxer

⊕  Dick Corbett's Lonsdale belt
Harry Mizler trains on a rowing machine
⊕  Harry Mizler trains on a rowing machine

⊕  Manor Hall, Hackney fight poster

⊕  Harry Corbett

Alby Day v Harry Lazar  Charity contest at York Hall
⊕  Alby Day v Harry Lazar

⊕  Alby Day v Harry Mizler
Tournament held 1 November 1934
⊕  Boxing Bill Bethnall Green Drill Hall
Boxing Bill 13 February 1968
⊕  Boxing Bill New Premierland
4 November 1969
⊕  Boxing Bill, Shoreditch Town Hall
8 November, 1966
⊕  Boxing Bill, Shoreditch Town Hall
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⊕  Getting Involved in Boxing

⊕  Teddy Baldock

⊕  Pam Baldock

⊕  Lew Lazar in a documentary on Jewish boxing

⊕  Teddy Baldock's daughter talks about her dad

⊕  Amateur Career: Part 1
Dominic continues the story of his amateur career
⊕  Amateur Career Part 2
Dominic looks at modern day boxing
⊕  Modern Day Boxing
Dominic reveals he favourite boxers
⊕  Favourite boxers
Dominic explains why he chose Kingston ABC rather that going to Repton
⊕  Kingston ABC

⊕  Amateur Career
Billy Graydon talks about the transition from amateur to professional boxing, what it was like to box at Wembley and his contests with several Welsh boxers.
⊕  Turning Professional
Billy Gyaydon talks about his involvement in boxing since retirement and how important the London exBoxers' Association is for former fighters.
⊕  Staying Involved
Billy Graydon talks about how boxing has made a positive impact upon his life.
⊕  What boxing has done for me.
Billy Graydon talks about the men that managed him during his professional career.
⊕  Boxing Managers

⊕  Billy Graydon talks about his favourite boxing venues.

⊕  Alan Rudkin

⊕  The Sonny Liston Wooden Leg Story
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