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Teddy Baldock

aka 'The Pride of Poplar'

born: 24/05/1907, Poplar, London
died: 08/03/1971

Teddy Baldock is enshrined in the record books as Britain's youngest World champion of the modern era. Born in Poplar on 23 May 1907, his professional career started at the age of thirteen, by seventeen his brilliant boxing skills and ring magnetism had him appearing as a top-liner at the Albert Hall. After returning from a successful trip to America where he took part in 12 contests, winning 11 and drawing 1, Teddy was matched with America's Archie Bell for the vacant World bantamweight title. After one of the greatest bouts between boxing’s little men, Baldock, was declared champion of the World, aged just nineteen. He went on to become undefeated British and Commonwealth bantamweight champion, retiring at 24 after a distinguished career of 81 fights with 5 losses. He remained a hero of the East End, long after his heyday in the ring. Unfortunately his taste for the good life resulted in the break up of his marriage, his drinking and gambling increased and tragically, in 1971, he died penniless.
Visit www.teddybaldock.co.uk

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Fight History
73 (KO's 37)
Divisions fought in


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