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Harry Mizler

born: 22/01/1913, St. George's, London
died: 1990

On one side of Harry Mizler's shorts was the Star of David, while the other bore the Union Jack. Both emblems were perfectly placed, since Harry was a hero both to members of his faith and to British people in general. He was described as a 'copybook boxer' and possessed a brilliant straight left.

Taught to box from an early age by elder brothers Moe and Judah, Harry was the 1930 ABA bantamweight champion and boxed for England in that year's Empire Games. He was beaten by Benny Caplan in the ABA featherweight championships in 1931, but unperturbed he clinched the nine-stone title himself in 1932, and represented Great Britain at that year's Olympic Games. Upon his return Mizler won the ABA lightweight title and turned pro the following year.

He won 13 consecutive pro fights before beating Johnny Cuthbert for the British lightweight crown. He successfully defended against Billy Quinlan, but nine months after winning the title he lost it to Jack Kid Berg. Mizler boxed on with distinction for another nine years and won the Southern Area title in 1935. (Words: Alex Daley)

Fight History
61 (KO's 20)
Divisions fought in


Harry Mizler trains on a rowing machine
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