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A key part of our aim in creating this website is to catalogue and give context to photographs, documents and other archival objects that help to represent London's rich boxing heritage. If an item relates to an individual featured in the East End Boxing Lives project, it can also be found in that part of the site. But we continue to collect and upload a much wider range of images as we build an extensive database of London boxing artefacts.

The entire database can be searched from this page. Enjoy exploring our archive, and if you have any images or memorabilia you would like to contribute we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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York Hall


Alby Day v Harry Lazar  Charity contest at York Hall
⊕  Alby Day v Harry Lazar
Light-welterweight British Title Fight, 7 October 1980.
⊕  Clinton McKenzie V Des Morrison
Mike Barrett and Mickey Duff promotion, 16 June 1985
⊕  Boxing Bill York Hall
Mickey Duff promotion 18 November 1969
⊕  A Miniature Royal Albert Hall Bill
Mickey Duff promotion York Hall, 14 January 1969
⊕  Ralph Charles v Larry Brown

⊕  Mickey Duff Promotion 18 May 1969

⊕  York Hall Bill
Local prospects and Championship Contenders, 18 November 1980.
⊕  York Hall Show
York Hall 6 January 1981. Dominic Bergonzi on the undercard.
⊕  Boxing Bill York Hall
A Mike Barrett and Mickey Duff promotion, 20 January 1981
⊕  Four East End Boxers
York Hall, 5 May 1983
⊕  Ken Buchanan v Jimmy Revie
14, April 1985
⊕  Boxing Bill York Hall