East End Boxing Lives

LEBA interviewers familiarise themselves with the recording equipment, September 2009

The East End Boxing Lives Project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The core aim of the project is to record the lives of 15 former boxers or of people associated with boxing. The people we have chosen to record will reflect the ethnic diversity of London. The interviews will be done by members of LEBA using audio recorders and video. Edited versions of the interviews will be uploaded to the LEBA web site.

A key aspect of the project will be the digitisation of photographs and boxing memorabilia. Where appropriate the images will be linked to a particular boxer or a boxing venue. Much of this material will be used for the forthcoming exhibition at Hackney Museum. The exhibition will open in January 2011 and last three months. In addition to images and memorabilia the exhibition will also show edited versions of the interviews.

The project will also involve school students from the Landon Park School in Poplar. The students will also interview former boxers, there edited interview will be uploaded to the web site. The students will also design and produce a folded leaflet about the project.

By the end of the project we will have prepared the foundation for a detailed online history of London boxing. Explore the stories of some of London's most significant boxing lives by selecting from the list below.