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Daniel Mendoza

aka 'Mendoza the Jew'

born: 05/07/1764
died: 02/09/1836

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Daniel Mendoza was one of the great innovators of boxing. In an age when prizefighters stood toe-to-toe and exchanged blows Mendoza introduced the jab linked to good movement backed up by sound defence. This enabled him to beat, in an age when there were no weight divisions, opponents much bigger than himself. His career is noted for three contests against against his former mentor Richard Humphreys. Mendoza lost the first but won the next two. The last contest took place in Doncaster before paying spectators, the first time admission had been charged for a sporting contest. Mendoza won the English title in 1791 when he defeated Big Ben Brain. after successful defences against Bill Ward in 1792 and 1794 his lost title to John Jackson in controversial circumstances. According to eyewitness accounts Jackson pulled the champion's hair with one hand while pounding him with the other. In retirement he became a boxing instructor and wrote his memoirs.

'Foul Play, or Humphreys and Johnson a match for Mendoza...'
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Jackson v Mendoza at Hornchurch 1795. Mendoza lost the contest as well as his title and subsquently retired.
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Jug made in 1788 showing a scene from the first of three contest between  the two pugilists.
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Blue Plaque in honour of Daniel Mendoza
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Home of Daniel Mendoza
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Mendoza's house before the plaque was placed on the building.
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