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Nipper Pat Daly

born: 17/02/1913, Abercrave, South Wales
died: 25/09/1988

Fight History
99 (KO's 26)
Divisions fought in

British boxing's 'Wonderboy'; Frank Butler called him 'the best young prospect we ever had'. Having moved to Marylebone as a child, Nipper made his pro debut aged 10 and by 14 was regularly boxing 15-round headliners at Premierland. At age 15 he beat some of Europe's best flyweights, but quickly outgrew the weight so did not get a British title shot.

As a bantamweight he beat Kid Pattenden, Dick Corbett, Petit Biquet and a host of others. At age 16 he was ranked number 10 in the world by 'The Ring' magazine, but could not box for the British title due to new BBB of C age restrictions. In October 1929 he fought reigning British featherweight champion Johnny Cuthbert, enduring weight trouble but outpointing the champion until KO'd in the eighth round.

Nipper had the misfortune to be boxing before the BBB of C was fully established. Consequently he was overworked and finished as a fighter at age 17. After retiring he stayed involved with the sport, coaching boxers and running his own Shoreditch gym.

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Nipper Pat Daly at a LEBA function in the 1970s
Nipper Pat Daly of Marylebone (left), unknown ex-boxer (centre) and Arthur Norton of Marylebone (right) at a 1970s LEBA function

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© Alex Daley

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