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Posted by on 1st Jan 1970


name: dawn and brian
29th Jul 2012
it was nice knowing you and your dedicated family, especially Rosemary who was your guardian angel. R.I.P Terry Spinks M.B.E , shame you didnt make it to see the London Olympics, we are sure your spirit will be there xxx

name: Tim Lack
1st May 2012
A great champ, met him once, such a nice bloke.
When and where and what time is his funeral? I have to pay my respects.

deep respect

Tim Lack

name: Gerry King
1st May 2012
There was a boxers reunion in Torquay in the late 1970's it was a big deal having the famous Terry Spinks appear and Terry stayed at my dads - Paul King-I remember meeting Terry what a lovely man.
With Respect
Gerry King

name: Tom Morgan
27th Apr 2012
Very sad to hear. I boxed for west ham during the 1960's ( 1962-1967) I remember meeting him when he came to a boxing tournaments at west ham. I remember seeing his gloves on the wall then and recently ( 10 years ago) when i visited the club with young son.

I remember telling my son about Terry boxing for the club, and winning the gold medal. I was

I have lived in Australia since 1973 ( I visit to the east end every few years) but i always interested in boxing news etc from the UK.

I am so proud to boxed for such a fantastic club such as west ham knowing that a true legend in Terry Spinks both as boxer and man once boxed for them.

If there anything i can do please let me know.

RIP TEL True East End legend


Tom Morgan

name: Jordan
27th Apr 2012
My Father was a good friend (of old) of Terry (ex boxer, WestHam)I would dearly love to take my old man to the funeral,he is now 80, But still fighting
if you could let me know where we could pay our respects
we would appreciate it
Love, Peace and Respect
Vince Jordan

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