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Posted by on 1st Jan 1970


name: Patricia Poole
5th Aug 2012
Well done uncle Terry, love to u n Barbara, Wendy,m the boys. Love Patricia Poole nee mendela

name: Terry Clarke
2nd Jul 2012
It's strange that Terry had to wait 50 years for any official recognition and when it came it's not the expected MBE or OBE but the lower rated BEM. In the same birthday honours Alex Arthur received the MBE for doing similar charity work to Terry but whereas Terry's service is over some 50 odd years Alex has only been active for a fraction of that time.
Whilst not begrudging Alex his award I can't help think that once again Terry has been short changed,once the joy of Terry's award died down and given time to reflect I can't help but think that those in power that make their choices thought just give him this bauble that will keep them quite,It took them 50 years to recognise Terry's achievements yet still they can't help but try to devalue them.

name: B Connerty
23rd Jun 2012
Congratulations to Terry on his BEM it is well deserved but long over due. Why was he not awarded an MBE for both his services to boxing and long term charity work ? and could there be politics at work here ?

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