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Ronnie Cooper

Posted by Paul Fairweather on 19th Jul 2012
For all those who have been asking where and when Ronnie is running with the Olympic Flame here are the details;

Saturday 21st July at Woolwich Ferry at approx 10.42am,Pier Road - Albert Road nr Milk St are the best places to see Ron


name: mike Jacobs
3rd Aug 2012
Having seen the interview on tv I was quite taken back as the last time I saw you was in the ring at West Ham Baths - with your blonde crew cut hair!

You might recognise the name as my uncle Alf Jacobs was your manager and my father Harry was the promoter !!!

For some years I've been trying to obtain a fight poster of a show at West Ham Baths, is it at all possible you may be able to help.

Keep punchin'

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