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Fighting Men of London: Voices from Inside the Ropes

Posted by Alex Daley on 14th Apr 2014
My second book, Fighting Men of London, will be published in June 2014 by Pitch Publishing. Set around a series of in-depth interviews, it tells the compelling life stories of seven London-based former professional boxers (five of them LEBA members) who fought between the 1930s and 60s, a golden age of boxing.

Dramatic, poignant, inspiring and at times funny, the book covers such subjects as booth fighting, exploitation in boxing, East-End poverty, World-War-Two London, Jewish culture, fame and success, crime, prison life and encounters with such figures as the Kray twins, the Great Train Robbers and Britain's most infamous inmate, Charles Bronson.

Fighting Men of London takes us on a journey through a lost era of smoky fight halls, ramshackle boxing arenas and courageous fighting men. It features the previously untold stories of 1950s boxing star Sammy McCarthy, Bethnal Green knockout specialist Ted Berry (who trained the Kray twins) and Sid Nathan, who as one of Britain's last surviving 1930s boxers once shared a fight bill with the great Jack Kid Berg. This isn't a single story, but seven stories of seven very different men. The common bond they shared was boxing.

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Thank you

Alex Daley (LEBA member)


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