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Posted by Paul Fairweather on 18th Apr 2014

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of an old friend Mickey May.

Without doubt one of life's true characters and one of the best amateur boxing trainers East London ever turned out.

His love and loyalty to boxing and his club, West Ham ABC will never be surpassed.

He put so much personal time in to boxing, and produced so many champions; the sport will miss him immensely, as will the West Ham club.
He loved helping young people, his inspiration was like fire, hot and engulfing, and his boxers loved him for it.

During my own days as a boxing coach, like a great many others, I owed so much to Mickey, he never refused to help, although at separate clubs, we were never rivals
There where so many times when he and his mate Jimmy Murphy, would specially open up the West Ham gym, for extra training and sparring sessions. Most of my boxers would not have reached the top without his special input.

We travelled together around the country, to look after "our boys", and Mick was as protective of mine as his own.

My own personal, and the whole of LEBA's, condolences must now go to his wife, family and friends, their loss is immense, they will miss Mickey's ‘larger than life’ personality, he was so great to be around, and to have around. May they take comfort that a multitude will mourn him, yet rejoice in having known him.

RIP, Mick, the best mate I ever had in Boxing, there can never be another like you.


Steve Powell


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