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NICKY GARGANO 1-11-1934 - 03-2016

Posted by Paul Fairweather on 29th Mar 2016
Member Alec Johnson has just called to inform me that Nicky Gargano has passed away,our most sincere condolences go out to the family at this sad time.
As a boxer, Gargano was regarded as one of the most skilled of all British amateurs in the history of the sport. Former B.B.C. commentator, Harry Carpenter, had said :'You would never see anyone box like that today because there is no-one around to teach what Nicky knew. Such skill, such timing and such defence.'
Three times an Amateur Boxing Association champion, Gargano had 197 bouts and won 190, reversing 5 of his losses.Though he recalls boxing up to five times in one evening as a junior, he was never knocked down or even cut. In 1954 he won the gold medal at the Empire Games in Vancouver and in 1955,he won the European amateur welterweight title. The following year at the Olympics he was narrowly out-pointed by the Romanian Necolae Linca, the eventual champion


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