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Programmes .

Posted by Paul Fairweather on 15th Apr 2010
Copies of programmes from the 1st and last shows held at Shoreditch Town Hall now available at £5.00 for the 2,great value,to obtain your copies,please contact Tommy Burling on 07917 142409,Charlie Wright on 07764 205556 or Paul Fairweather on 07752 322248 or contact us on members@londonexboxers.org.uk so they can by dispatched.Please make all cheques payable to Shoreditch Town Hall [EBA'S]Fund.


name: royden greaves
10th Oct 2011
good morning. is it possible to obtain other dates ifso my uncle boxed at the town hall tony barry . he boxed johnny kramer on the 19-4 1960 in 1962 he faught peter Mclaren on the 15-5-1962. any information on tony copies of programms-handbills thanks . yoursinsport boyog.

name: Leslie
3rd Sep 2011

Do you have any information on a boxer from the shoreditch area called Len Miles?

Boxed in the late forties/fifties

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