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Posted by Paul Fairweather on 16th May 2016
At The Globe Pub, 20 Morning lane, Hackney, London E9 6NA,
Tel 0208 985 6455.
On Thursday 19th May, from 4:30pm to 7pm.
Chris Moyse will be present along with some of the boxers etc featured in his photographs.
This is a little known collection of photos rarely exhibited other than those on permanent display at the V&A Museum, and the National Photographic Portrait Gallery, in London. They are an insight to the Fight Business in the early eighties.
Featured in the collection are, Frank Bruno, Jimmy Flint, Maurice Hope, Dave 'Boy' Green, Sylvester Mittee,Terry Barker, Stan McDermott, Colin Jones, Mark Kaylor, Kirkland Laing, Colin Jones,
Dave Armstrong, Mickey Duff, and many more from the fight game.
The pictures have been taken at a variety of locations, weigh-ins, dressing rooms, ringside, Amatuer shows, and the fighters corners.
“In February 1980 I was asked by a publisher if I’d take photographs for a book to be written by BBC boxing commentator Harry Carpenter.
I knew nothing about sport and even less about boxing, but I accepted the task, and set off to take a series of photographs depicting all aspects of a boxer’s journey.
Over the next five months I was lucky enough to photograph the A.B.A. finals at Wembley, an Amateur boxing evening in Eltham, and a couple of Professional shows at the Royal Albert Hall. I travelled to Bradford and Halifax to photograph Tommy Miller’s fighters, men who worked hard by day and fought at night. At the Royal Oak Gym, Canning Town, I photographed, Maurice Hope, Jimmy Flint, and Sylvester Mittee
I photographed a British title fight between Kirkland Laing and Colin Jones in London and a World title fight between Charlie Nash and Jim Watt at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow.
Two years later I photographed the heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno, after turning professional with Terry Lawless.
Over the period I saw the best and the worst of boxing, the camaraderie, the bravery, the hard and ruthless nature of the business. I was helped along by the generosity of the fighters, the promoters, managers, and trainers etc.
This exhibition is dedicated to all those boxers, who’s dignity and bravery was without equal; who fought their opponents with great courage and without malice while engaging in The Fight Business”.
Chris Moyse,
April 2016


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