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Posted by on 1st Jan 1970


name: royden greaves
10th Oct 2011
good morning gerek. is it possibal to obtain a copy of shoreditch boxing records 1955-1975. i live in buckley. north wales. both my father and my uncle boxed at the town hall. so it might help me with there records.if there is a copy can you let me know how to pay thanks. yoursinsport boyog.

name: Val McKeeman
11th Jan 2011
I now have an interest in your site as Dave Croll Featherweight boxer now resides in my nursing home and is sufferung from Dementia. Last year an article appeared in the Courier asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of Dave Croll. We answered the request and we now have in our possession a medal which he won when fighting Johnny Kidd in the early 60s at Shoreditch, We have arranged fot the Lord Provost of Dundee to present Davey with his medal on the 26th January at the home. Davey does not seem to talk much about his bosing days and therefore we do not have a lot if information. I know that he fought Terry Spinks on one occasion and I have details of his other fights but no more. Can anyone fill me in further.
Val McKeeman
Carmichael House Nursing Home

name: derek martin
1st Oct 2010
see loads of boboxedboxing over the years ther great days never boxed ther myself pitynever foreget

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