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Dave Croll- Dundee

Posted by Paul Fairweather on 26th Feb 2011
Back in January,we were contacted by Val McKeeman,manager of Carmichael House Care Home in Dundee ,asking if we could provide her with any more information regarding The Shoreditch Town Hall medals as one of her residents Davy Croll had boxed there.Details were sent along with the dvd,programme of the day and record book.She informed us that the Lord Provost of Dundee was due to present Dave with his medal on January 26th.We have now received the photos of Daveand a letter stating that,"Davy enjoyed his afternoon of noteriety,but seemed perplexed with all the attention".Davy is suffering from dementia.It was also stated that the Dundee Contemporary Arts had contacted Val asking if Davy would like to attend their showing of "The Fighter".They had seen the article in the paper and the rest is history.
We would like to send our very best to Dave in the future
"It's Nice to Belong"


name: Frank Adams
26th Apr 2012
My mother, Isobel Adams, who died last July aged 93, was the cousin of Annie Croll, the wife of Thomas Croll. When I was a child (I'm now 69) my mother took us to visit Annie & Tommy and Thomas always asked why I wasn't a boxer! I wasn't able to contact John Croll to let him know my mother had passed away. Any chance of letting him know? Also any information on the family (including photos) would be much appreciated. I remember the Croll family with great fondness.

By the way, what relation was Davy Croll to the family?

name: June Henderson
8th Nov 2011
My mother Mary had an older brother called Tommy Croll who had sons Jimmy and Tommy training to be boxers. My grandmothers name was Georgina Croll, I was wondering if this is the same family? I would love to know? Thank you.

name: jennifer croll
29th May 2011
this is my uncle who had many fights along with his brothers thomas,james,john (my dad) and paul croll. i think its brilliant that so many years on theyre are still people who support and remember the Croll Family boxers

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