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Posted by on 1st Jan 1970


name: bob
17th Jul 2012
As a child supporter I wrote to Dave Charnley - it would be about 1961, just before the last Brown fight - asking for an autograph.Within three days he replied, enclosing a signed photograph and a brief letter:"I have added a photograph, which I hope is alright." Very kind - he didn't have to do it. Sad to hear the news - R.I.P.Dave.

name: Mel Sutton
24th Mar 2012
To my old schoolmate Joe. So sorry to learn of the sad loss of Dave.

Kind regards

Mel (Melvyn Sutton)

name: Susan O'Leary
20th Mar 2012
Is there any way that I can get in touch with Isabella Charnley, Dave's Sister. We were friends when we were both young and she will have known me as Susan Tatt. I would love to know how she is and was very saddened by the death of Dave Charnley. If you have any contacts with her could you please pass this on to her and hopefully we could get in touch. Many thanks.

name: Isabella Charnley - sister
10th Mar 2012
Thank you all for being so kind to my deloved brother David - he now has eternal peace

name: Bruce
27th Oct 2011
Do you have a free image (i.e. photo) of Dave Charnley that I can use on his Wikipedia page?


name: Paul Fairweather
27th Oct 2011
Gerry,in answer to your question there are 3 options;
1.Send chq/postal order for £21 [includes postage]to Jim Kirkwood,10 Forest Grove,Kilmarnock,KA3 1UP,he will send it off immediately.
2.Go to Foyles book shop,Charing Cross Road,they will be available from Thursday 27th October
Go to any bookshop and order it,there may be a delay as it has to be ordered via Jim Kirkwood[author]

hope this helps you.

name: gerry mack
25th Oct 2011
please give me list of shops in london where i can buy a copy of daves boob.

name: Paul Fairweather
6th Sep 2011
It was a great pleasure to meet both Dave and Jim on Sunday,the book looks a good read,so treat yourselves and buy it.

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