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Posted by Paul Fairweather on 16th Aug 2011
As you may recall,earlier this year the Mayhem Company visited us at a monthly meeting to interview many of our members,to research for a play.
We are pleased to announce that the play "Beautiful Blows" is to be performed at The Clore,Royal Festival Hall from 23 -25 August,as part of The Festival of Britain celebrations.

A story of lost love and lost titles pulled from the heart of London's boxing world...in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics.The Mayhem Company have spent 6 months interviewing boxers aged 8 - 80;past heroes,current champions and future hopefuls.Working in collaboration with LEBA,The Lynn Club and Downside Fisher Club and will feature young boxers from The Lynn,alongside company members and professional actors.

This is a FREE event and starts at 7.30pm and last approx 1hr 25 mins.
Please show you support by attending this special event.
Thank you.


name: Mayhem
18th Aug 2011
We are delighted to announce that Bob Williams will be the referee for the play Beautiful Blows with ABA South East Champion Joshua Ejakpovi and aspiring Narek Sargsyan boxing live at Royal Festival Hall alongside our company of 17 actors.

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