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Sir Henry Cooper Statue

Posted by Paul Fairweather on 12th Feb 2012
The Members of the London Ex Boxers Association have agreed they would like to raise the funds to erect a Statue to Sir Henry Cooper in recognition not only for what he achieved in Boxing but for the great contribution he made to many Charities and more important as an example to our young people.

A working committee has been formed by LEBA which will include Sir Henry's two sons and following a successful presentation to Southwark Council- permission has been granted to erect a Statue of Sir Henry in the new park development in the Old Kent Road where the Statue will be facing the famous "Thomas A-Beckett"pub where Sir Henry did all his training.
Carl Payne a renowned sculpture has agreed in principal to produce the Sculpture of Sir Henry and reduce his normal fee of £100,000 to £60,000 because of a promise he made to Sir Henry at the unveiling of Carl's statue to Randolph Turpin.

The working committee of LEBA know that it will not be easy to raise the £60,000 required in the current economic climate but are confident of support from his many Sporting and Celebrity friends plus of course the British public -

"We need 100 people to donate £600 each or
600 people to donate £100 - or - a combination of both"

All donationswill be acknowledged and all Donators will receive a 'Sir Henry Cooper Statue Share Certificate'

If you're interested please contact us with your details on members@londonexboxers.org.uk
or info@londonexboxers.org.uk

Many thanks.


name: Graham Marsh
8th Mar 2012
Being like Henry a Bellingham boy I can in the early fifties remember looking out from my window to see Henry and his twin coming down from the Fellowship Inn to catch the bus to Catford. From that time as an early teen I was an avid fan of Henry's career. I couldn't be more pleased to have a statue to a fine gentleman.

name: Paul Fairweather
6th Mar 2012
Just to update you all in the progress of the fund,it now stands at a little over £20,000, many thanks to all those who have contributed so far.

"It's Nice to Belong"

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