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LEBA visit to ABA Finals at York Hall

Posted by Paul Fairweather on 15th Apr 2012
A party of around 20 Leba members were invited by the ABA[Sheffield] to attend the finals at York Hall on Friday evening,those in attendance were Ronnie Cooper,Sammy McCarthy,Eddie McCairn,Teddy Lewis,Nobby Clarke,Charlie Wright,James Cook MBE,Sylvester Mittee,John Oliver,Colin Hayday,Bob Cheeseman,John Scanlon,Tommy Burling,Stan Kennedy,George Braken,Paul Fairweather,David Power,Carol Armstrong,Alan Taylor,Graham Moughton,Geoff Born ,sorry for any ommissions.Our thanks go to Hannah from the ABAE for the invitations and also for looking after us so well,a good night was had by all,especially Ronnie who presented the trophies to the boxers.


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